I want to get involved in sustainability on campus but don’t know where to start, what should I do?

Just getting started? Find updates on what is going on in sustainability at Wash U by signing up for our mailing list where you will find environmental group meeting times, events, and even sustainable job listings! Want to talk to someone? Email us at sec@su.wustl.edu and someone will reach out.

I have an idea to improve sustainability on campus, what should I do? 

Read the other FAQs below and reach out to us at sec@su.wustl.edu to find out what we know about the status of that idea on campus. We meet regularly with offices like the Office of Sustainability and Dining Services and can connect you with them and any students already working on those projects. We have found a united front is most effective! SSB may also be able to fund your project.

What is the status of composting on campus? Is anyone working on this issue?

Composting has come far in recent history! Once only found at a few select locations, composting is available in Bears Den, the DUC, the Village, the Law School, Parkside Cafe, and Hillman Hall. Students have been and are working with many offices to help expand composting on campus. Composting was recently expanded to all dorms on the South 40, thanks to our WUGAs. See our Make Your Event Sustainable page to get compostables at your student event.

What is the status of reusable to-go boxes on campus? Is anyone working on this issue?

Currently, the Eco To-Go box program is dwindling. You can still ask at food stations and look by the salad bar in Paw N Go to see if they have them. You can read more about the history of Eco To-Go. Students are working with many offices to bring a better system to campus within the next year.

What is the status of plastic straws on campus? Is anyone working on this issue?

Currently, WashU is working on phasing out plastic straws on campus! Thank you to leadership from SSB, the Student Union, and our Office of Sustainability, dining services is working to only off paper straws on request and opt for recyclable plastic “sippy-cup” lids (similar to Starbucks). When using these, make sure to pour out the contents before putting in the recycling! If you do not need a straw, do not take one from the dining halls. Drink straight from the cup, purchase a reusable mug, or purchase a reusable metal straw. Contact us to join our efforts in finding a solution to our plastic straw use.

What can be recycled?