Follow these steps to make your on- and off- campus events more environmentally friendly. All WashU student groups should be obtaining compostables and responsible waste disposal for their events.


  • Choose a caterer certified by the Green Dining Alliance
  • Avoid individually-wrapped food when you can (e.g. ask if caterer can provide bulk condiments rather than individual packets)
  • Increase your number of locally-sourced and meat-free options

Plates and Cutlery

  • Ask your caterer to provide compostable plates and cutlery or not to provide any at all
  • Bon Appetit will provide compostables at no additional cost if you ask
  • Request compostablesSSB offers free compostable plates, cups (hot and cold), bowls, and cutlery (please be aware of the deadlines)
  • Encourage members to get in the practice of bringing their own reusable utensils, metal straws, and water bottles to events with food and drink

Waste Disposal

  • Request waste disposal through the Office of Sustainability
  • The cost of sustainable waste disposal will be covered by SSB (no cost to you) for the fall, but you should include them in your spring budgets

Venues and Transport

  • Choose LEED certified venues
  • Plan carpooling or select a location in walking/MetroLink distance


  • Use locally sourced and reusable decor (e.g. flowers, tablecloths, etc.)
  • Donate usable leftover items to the SWAP Trading Post (South 40 storefront) or a local charity